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Tai Chi for Riders

You are the best rider you can be at this very moment

And you strive to be a better rider by tomorrow

For your horse and for yourself.


In order to get better or to be the best,

You don't need to win competitions or do difficult tests.

Those are appearances, and other people may respect that.

But at the end of the day that’s not what's important.

The only thing that really matters,

Is respect for yourself.


The solid feeling that you did what you could do for your horse,

Calm and content with how things are right now,

Having an open heart and a clear mind.


Tai Chi can help you to experience that feeling.


Arnout Ruitenberg


P.S. I really look forward to welcome you to the world of Tai Chi for Riders. Enjoy reading what it is all about below!



How does it work ...  Tai Chi for riders in a nutshell

  • Mind your energy

    In Tai Chi you loosen your joints and let go of muscle tension as much as possible, especially in the hips, the shoulder and the spine, while keeping your posture. This saves a lot of energy in riding. In addition, you lower your center of gravity which makes your seat more centered. 

  • Mind your body

    In Tai Chi you stand with an extended crest, as if you are being held up with a cord on the top of your head, and you let your tailbone point straight down.Just like riding in walk and trot. Every movement starts from the center of your body, in the lower abdomen, where you gently guide your breath to as well. 

  • Mind your moves

    Tai Chi is a great way to improve your body awareness. The exercises are done in slow motion, which gives you time to observe your posture, muscle tone and breath rhythm. The mild stretches help to nourish your body and to develop better coordination, balance and suppleness.

  • Mind your mind

    Tai Chi is a mind-body training. Your intention leads where your energy flows. A clear intention is incredibly powerful. Riding with a clear intent feels almost effortless, you really connect with your horse and your own body and you need less (visible) aids while riding. 

  • The best of both worlds

    Tai Chi voor riders is developed by Arnout Ruitenberg. Arnout runs a Tai Chi and Kungfu Fu school in the Netherlands, won gold and silver at the Tai Chi World Championships 2018 in Taiwan and has won four times the Dutch championship in Tai Chi Pushing Hands. He rides horses at the stable of Ylvie Fros. She is also his sparring partner for Tai Chi for riders. Ylvie is Centered Riding Instructor level III, squire in the Academic Art of Riding and Selected Bent Branderup trainer. She manages her own stable in Lunteren, the Netherlands, and gives clinics worldwide.


Did you know ... 

that many instructors use Tai Chi in their groundwork classes? This is why ...

  • It helps you to lower your center of gravity, which gives you a more centered and stable seat.

  • You develop a calmer mind, which enables you to ride with a clearer intent. This helps your horse to understand you faster and better and vice versa.

  • Your breath rhythm becomes more gentle and more relaxed. You radiate that sense of calmness to your horse.

  • You learn how to release muscle tension in your arms, shoulders and hips, which gives you a sense of freedom while riding. 

  • You tense less in unexpected situations with your horse, and if you do, you know better how to let go of tension to recover your balance.

  • You discover how to loosen your joints, which enables you to move smoother with your horse and it helps you to be a better passenger to your horse.

  • It supports you in listening to your horse and to yourself. It enhances the teamwork of working with your horse. You make each other better. 

  • You find yourself more 'in het moment' and less evaluating yourself.

When Tai Chi for riders launched we had hundreds of riders joining the online classes within a year. Which was beyond all expectations! 

Here are a few reviews ...

Jacki Kühl

My body feels much softer, especially my lower back and hips. And I feel more connected to myself. It just feels good. And my horse is more with me. When I ride him and something doesn't work as I want it to, I just keep calm, I smile and ask again. He likes it too. (Germany)


Jette Tandrup

I used some of the exercises when I was giving a riding lesson yesterday. It was interesting to see how the riders posture became more relaxed and in flow with the horse. I am very glad I joined up with you. It makes so much sense. Tai Chi and horseriding have a big connection. (Denmark)


Hansje Rol

Actually, this is a must for every rider. It makes clear what the habits, possibilities and areas of improvement of your own movements are and what influence they have on the horse while riding. Clear and calm explanation, and amazing how quickly you experience a change. I recommend any rider (especially beginners) Tai Chi for riders!

Susanne Salzmann

Thank you so much for Tai Chi for riders!  You explain it so well and it is easy to do. I practice nearly every day to feel the flow. My body loves it and so does my horse! (Germany)

Theresa van Dijk

I like doing the online lessons. After the Tai Chi class I feel physically relaxed and mentally it is the same: calm and relaxed. This morning after I did Tai Chi I was very curious how it would be on the horse. I felt lighter on the horse and also felt that my horse was more sensitive and reacted to lighter aids. Very nice.

Monique van Schijndel

Today was the first time I did the online Tai Chi exercises before I went out for a ride. I had a very relaxed horse while saddling. During the ride my center of gravity felt lower than usual, my breath deepened and I could open up my hips more easily. And I also used less aids. I felt great! And I think my horse Aragon too! (Belgium)

Veerle de Greve

Got up, fed the dogs and did Tai Chi online for riders. Really like it. I am now completely relaxed and have a boost of energy. The best way to start your day. Absolutely love it! (France)

Jannie Smit

I highly recommend taking up this great opportunity. I have done a couple of courses with Arnout now and it has truly helped me not only in my riding but also in general.  
Many of the exercises are now in my daily routine. (Australia)

Wiebke Rudolf

I enjoy practicing a lot, I am aware of my asymmetries and try to work towards more balance and suppleness. The exercises help me very much to keep grounded. During riding I can better let go of unnecessary tensions. I already shared your program with my best study buddy ever and I will continue practicing. Glad I found your program! (Germany)

Rikie Boevink

Thank you for your beautiful teachings! To me, the online lessons are a wonderful extra to my yoga and riding lessons. This morning I had a super ride outside. I could make my right hip follow the movement of my horse a lot better in the different paces ... rounder, looser ... I was as happy as a child... you should have seen me grinning from ear to ear!

Anouschka Canters

Fun, interesting and very educational. It helps me to center, remain in a good posture and to let go. You really stand and sit more centered without applying force. In my next riding lessons I will lead more from my center and focus on letting go of tension in my shoulders and arms in order to be able to move more in the rhythm of my horse.

Sandra Riedé

After the Tai Chi class I went for a ride to see what effect it would have. That was after all the reason to try it. My big problem is always to concentrate myself and then keep focus. I am always very aware on everything that happens around me and I trigger quickly into  ‘flight mode’. In short, it went really well. I could get into my "bubble" and felt my horse better. So thank you very much.

Sabine von Rücker

The slow movements and concentrating on my body gave me really stunning experiences.
You know, as a rider I am looking for balance and to do Tai Chi with you gives me a daily routine to enhance my possibilities. I am riding for nearly 50 years, but to really FEEL my horses, I am still a working student. I think riders should train themselves as they train their horses and I enjoy the online Tai Chi classes. (Germany)

Margarita Camacho

The online classes are really helpful. I already can apply some of the exercises while with my horse; for example, the bodyscan and the releasing of muscle tension instead of tensing up in stressful situations.

Dymphie Woudenberg

 I have purchased the online lessons. What a fantastic way to work on your posture, relaxation and therefore also the relationship with your horse. Very happy with it! Clear videos, good explanation and textual support. Absolutely great!

Nina Engelfriet

Recommended! Learn to feel and let go. Feel your inner strength grow. Learn about your balance. Be aware of your body. Relaxation ... really nice to experience! I will certainly add it while working with the horses. Very interesting to experience how your focus can ensure better balance and stability at the same time. I think this is a valuable addition to every rider.

Alex Walker

I am really enjoying the online course. Thank
you for sharing it with us. I am really trying to be more aware and focus on how to soften my body from inside. I do feldenkrais so I am aware of this feeling, but your course is helping me to practice with it. Horses really notice this stuff! (Australia)


Tai Chi is not only helping my riding but it is also helping me "slow down" in how I go about doing things especially with my horse. I just wish more riding instructors emphasised how important relaxation and flexibility is to help ride better.  Most instructors are just "technical" instructors (New Zealand).  

Marisa Huigevoort

Super nice! Always good to be conscious of your body as a rider. Makes your horse happy!

Practical:  How to learn Tai Chi for riders?

  • Whenever it suits you

    You decide when to do Tai Chi for riders. Because it is online, you choose your moments to practice with the videos, audios and texts. Are you a laidback learner? Then plan yourself a weekly Tai Chi class. Are you a fanatic? Then log in daily to gain the benefits in a faster pace. You train whenever it suits you best, and you don't have to hurry to get to class on time. 

  • Wherever you are

    You can do the Tai Chi classes anywhere. In the living room, in the meadow, in the stable, on vacation or wherever you are. The only two things you need is access to internet and your device to watch the classes. So, no travel time to a Tai Chi school or the hassle of finding parking space

  • Learning step by step

    Tai Chi for riders consists of 12 exercises to loosen your body, calm your mind and to center your seat. Each exercise is explained step by step: how to move, how to direct your intention and how to apply a gently and even breath rhythm. You learn by video and with every class you get also explanation by text and images of the exercises. This enables you to practice offline as well. To bring it down to sizable chunks you get 8 classes, each of them teaching you some of the exercises.

  • Back up guaranteed

    You have direct email access to Arnout, the founder of Tai Chi for riders. So, if you have any questions about Tai Chi, you just reach out by mail and he will provide you with answers,  practical tips and additional suggestions.


About Arnout

Okay, perhaps you may want to know a little more about me before you consider to engage in Tai Chi.


My name is Arnout Ruitenberg, and I live in Wageningen, the Netherlands, with the wonderful forests of De Veluwe within walking distance. I live with Eveline, my beautiful wife, and our three children. It is my passion and my work to explore methods that positively influence peoples energy levels and mindset.Tai Chi is my most important source, because it has so much to offer on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


In 2007 I founded Qi Art - School for Tai Chi and Kung Fu, and I still teach almost daily as a personal trainer. I won gold and silver at the Tai Chi World Championships in Taiwan (2018), won the open Tai Chi Pushing Hands competition of London (2018) and I am four times Dutch Champion Tai Chi Pushing Hands (2016-2019). These accomplishments may sound special, but to me they are just the result of the excellent teachers I was lucky enough to train with and my dedication to 'really go for it'. 


If I'm not training or teaching Tai Chi, I love to ride horses, hang out by a campfire, go for a hike and play games with my kids.


Ylvie Fros teaches me to ride horses, as I train her in Tai Chi and Kung Fu. She is Centered Riding Instructor level III, squire in the Academic Art of Riding and selected Bent Branderup Trainer. She is my sparring partner for Tai Chi for riders. Our unique exchange is a great way for both of us to become better at what we love to do.


​Has Tai Chi for riders added value to you?   

If you think so, then read about these 4 FREE extras you'll get (worth over 100 EUR)

  • Extra 1: E-book How to make your horse happy and develop optimally - 15 tips (worth 15 EUR)
    An up until now only in Dutch available e-book by Ylvie Fros in which she shares her passion for horses. She provides 15 tips and insights about housing, training, social contacts, nutrition, care and tack. If you love horses, you'll love this e-book!
  • Extra 2: Access to updates and support (worth 67 EUR)
    Tai Chi for riders is now available, but there is so much more possible. We will continue to make new videos, to which you will automatically have access. In addition, you have permanent email support for your questions and to share your experiences. Not with some helpdesk employee, but with Arnout, the developer of the exercises.
  • Extra 3: podcasts for more breath awareness and a more conscious seat (worth 15 EUR)
    You'll get 3 downloadable podcasts (mp3 files) that will help you to increase your body and breath awareness. The audios are specially aimed at releasing muscle tension while seated and while standing. Additionally, you learn how to become more aware of your breathing and how to calm yourself down using your breath.
  • Extra 4: Tai Chi on horseback (worth 20 EUR)
    Although these Tai Chi exercises have been developed for riders as groundwork, we know how much fun it is to do them on horseback as well.That is why we made an extra video (class 9) in which Ylvie Fros and her students show many of the exercises on horseback.

And you have two guarantees

I imagine you may feel like taking a risk by buying these online Tai Chi classes for riders. Perhaps you haven't purchased online classes before and you may wonder if it will work for you. I totally get that, I felt the same a couple of years ago buying my first online training. That is why I want to take that risk off of your shoulders. I'm convinced you will get good results with Tai Chi for riders. Therefore, I give you these two guarantees:

  • Guarantee 1: 30 days trial 
    You can join the classes, watch the extra videos and ask all your questions by email. If you decide within 30 days the Tai Chi classes don't work for you or don't fit into your schedule after all, you will get a full refund. You don't need to explain anything. 
  • Guarantee 2: No results afterwards, you will get your money back
    If you have completed all Tai Chi for riders classes and you don't notice any effect, you will get your money back. The full 100%. Of course, you could purchase the classes, enjoy the progress they offer and then simply reclaim your money. But I'm assuming that you are a trustworthy person and will act likewise. 

Do you want to experience the benefits of Tai Chi for riders yourself?


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